Monday, September 18, 2006

The top ten Political Bloggers in the UK

Iain Dale is regarded as Britain 's leading political blogger in so far that his blog is the most visited blog in the country and at the beginning of the political conference season, he has written an article about political blogging for the BBC. Not bad publicity for an aspiring Tory MP.

Of course, for news of events at the conferences, the best 'news' will come fastest electronically.

The bloggers being faster because there are fewer processes in the way (editor of one) and so will be monitored closely.

Political PR and corporate affairs is now much mediated by social media and, whereas in the past the Westminster Village did not need to look outside very often (a few weeks before the next election was quite cool), the influences are coming from a wider range of campaigners that the usual FoE, Greenpeace, CBI lobby machines.

Some of those machines are even using social media to help make their point.

Political application of social media in the USA is a street ahead. For example there is not a single picture on Flickr for the
LibDem Blogger of the Year awards last night. Sort of sluggish really.

But this year the political bloggers at the conferences are going to be much more powerful.