Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tips on being creative from CIPR

From the CIPR 'Active Events' blog:

Top tips for injecting creativity into your PR

1. Create 'idea banks'. Why reinvent the wheel? Be comfortable in re-using used material and ideas that are not fully developed, or adapt them slightly to create a new dimension. Be masters of 'creative recycling'.

2. Make you and your team creatively accountable - don't just expect creativity to hang about in the ether around you and somehow happen. Inspect what you expect by demonstrating to your team you are alert to new opportunities, new ways of doing, or challenging the established or routine.

3. Know the ultimate creativity question: Are you asking the right questions? Challenge your assumptions and explore new dimensions by stretching your questions or breaking them down into multiple questions.

4. Harness your 'incubation' - as long as it is not an excuse for procrastination. Sleeping on a problem usually brings results. Even a walk to the photocopier and back is a mini incubation break.

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