Thursday, September 28, 2006

This is getting crowded - another MySpace look alike

Microsoft spin-off Wallop launched its social networking service at the DEMOfall technology conference Tuesday, saying its unique business model is what sets itself apart from competing services like Facebook and MySpace reports BetaNews.

"After taking a long, hard look at social computing, it became clear that it is not simply about the technology, which has been limited and plagued with problems to date," said Karl Jacob, CEO and founder of Wallop.

"It's about the trend of self-expression moving online, creating enormous demand for easy and limitless customization and an enlightened social experience where the user is in control," he continued.

In addition, users will be able to share music, pictures and commentary across the site. Wallop says all the digital rights management functionality would be controlled by the site. This would include the mods to site pages, where the company asks for a 30 percent cut.

Do I really have to try yet another one?

Well, what did catch my eye is that it sets out to offer a market:

Want to become a Modder?

Create cool Flash and sell it on Wallop. Check out the
Wallop Modder Network.

If people can also make money here, they may be tempted.