Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Scream Marketers on-line screeching about reach

In terms of ad network reach, according to comScore data, the re-launched vcmedia network is now second only to Advertising.com in the UK but ahead of players including 24/7 Real Media and Burst Media.

The report in e-consultancy says:

ValueClick announced today that it has completed the integration of its vcmedia and Fastclick online advertising networks, creating a network with 59% reach among UK internet users.

The announcement, which follows the purchase of the US network Fastclick a year ago, is significant because it demonstrates the increasing competition in the ad networks space and the importance of reach as a selling point for the major players.

Meantime, Burst Media this week shook the stock market because it did not think it would hit its financial targets.

I just have a feeling that this form of on-line advertising is getting less effective. It is based on the 'scream marketing' model and is a turn off.