Tuesday, September 19, 2006

South Bank Show podcast

If you have a client who would be good material for the ITV1 South Bank Show you will be interested to know that from today, you’ll be able to download a special podcast version of the show, carrying extended interviews with the week’s guests.

This is important for two reasons. The people who want to see the show can do so at a time to suit themselves which mean that the extended audience will be focused and relevant and, of course the podcast will remain available for years, extending the life of the broadcast.

Of course you will also be able to use the link to the show in additional and further promotional work too.

The same benefits also apply to Nigel Godrich's show

The Radiohead producer will head up 'From The Basement', which is expected to feature appearances from the likes of The White Stripes, Thom Yorke and Beck. The first series has already been recorded.

The show will have no studio audience, and will be available as a video podcast.

So it will get the extra bonus podcasts offer Public Relations practitioners.

Radiohead Official Site