Thursday, September 28, 2006

Social video metrics

From TechCrunch comes news of a for of evaluation for on-line video.

London-based, Unruly Media recently launched Viral Video Chart “the first chart to independently monitor the popularity of videos” from the world’s most influential video-sharing sites i.e YouTube, MySpace and Google Video. They tried looking for references to videos on Yahoo AOL MSN for a while, but nothing ever made the top 25 so they stopped!? This is surprising given that according to Hitwise, the top 5 sites in the US for online video are YouTube (43% market share), MySpace (25%), Yahoo! (10%), MSN (9%) and Google (6%) (Hitwise,24 May 2006)

So if you want to know the number one video that people are talking about today, you can find it on Equally there is also a weekly and monthly chart available, plus an archive of previous number ones