Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Social Media bubble

Robb Hecht explores the question "When will the social media bubble burst?" in his blog today.

It is well argued and has contributions from a range of sources.

But, for those of us who lived (painfully) through the collapse of the last 'bubble' - the web bubble, the hardest thing to do was to tell people the facts about what had happened. The expansion, explosion of the web and web applications did not 'burst'. It kept growing and growing and growing.

Sure the get rich quick merchants go burned.

Just like the 'lets put advertising online' brigade will get burned.
Just like the 'it is all paid for by advertising' brigade will get burned but social media will continue.

For fun, you can bet on the outcomes at BizPredict.

What will make sense is the model that builds relationships of value and we are prepared to pay for that.

More of which later.