Friday, September 15, 2006

Sir Martin and the Tivo poacher create a gamekeeper and top gun

I love this Guardian story. WPP Group has signed an advertising deal with digital video recorder company TiVo. TiVo allows US users skip TV commercials. Tivo then developed a product that allowed it to show adverts from its own software.

It, in effect, replaces one advert with another. Under the deal, GroupM - WPP's combined media planning and buying agency - will buy an agreed minimum amount of TiVo advertising.

I bet there will be a row over this and most of it will come from people who find scream marketing offensive and can't escape.

This is a big issue and one that the digital channel FX and others are trying to resolve. They find that people are getting very creative in time shifting to avoid watching advertisements.

What I cannot understand is that if people try to avoid watching these horrid little adverting interruptions to their lives and go to extra-ordinary lengths to do so, why keep putting them in?

Soon TV adverts will be the kiss of death to brands. Both geese and both golden eggs gone in a moment of greed.

This could be a two way street. The advertising industry's lip smacking visits to The Ivy and eye-wateringly expensive trips to Cannes means that fewer than half of financial directors believe their agencies are trustworthy, according to a survey.

The Accounting for Creativity report, conducted with 100 financial directors in the creative services industry by independent research company Loudhouse, revealed that only 42% of those surveyed thought that clients perceived their agencies to be trustworthy.

Clients think they are being ripped off, customers turned off by the adds the Advertsing industry still thinks it has a future.