Thursday, September 07, 2006

Secrets - on the web?

"September is Ethics Month at PRSA, and not a moment too soon," Says BL Ochman in her blog. "The organization is presenting "Resolving Bad Ethical Practice Situations" to discuss "recent high-profile ethical problems ripped from headlines, bylines and web blogs." It'll be presented three times, but all media is banned, according to O'Dwyer PR (sub required).

Says the PRSA website: "Celebrate PRSA’s Ethics Month with this informative and convenient teleseminar! ... Participants [except journalists] will have a chance to question the panelists during the last 20 minutes of the 90-minute broadcast." Of course, if any journalist gave a crap, wouldn't they just register as a non-member and crash the party?

O'Dwyers' reports: "A statement via PR manager Cedric Bess said the "ethics seminars will not be open to the media. This will allow for and encourage an open and candid learning environment for the participants who may be discussing sensitive issues."

Intgernet porosity will mena that a lot of this secret debate will apear online anyway. So why all the secrecy. Its not as though anyone is in any doubt about the need, context or content of the debate.