Sunday, September 24, 2006

Round up

If David Tebbutt says have a look at something, you can bet it is worth the journey.

I am no expert on different blog platforms having only tried three but he says

Socialtext, one of the business-flavoured blogs/wikis has just put out a new beta. If you've been turned off by its geekiness, take another look. It's nice.

he has written about it over on the Information World Review blog.

Airport Monitoring System Combines RFID With Video

A consortium of European companies and a university is developing a system to track travelers inside airports.

Eight free things every web site should have

Here is a flavour:

Rule #1: If you have a site, you want more traffic.

Rule #2: You don't have enough money to buy as much traffic as you need.

Rule #3: You've already made your site as compelling as you know how to.

The answers are revealing.