Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Richard Branson get the buzz

Charles Pretzlik in his FT blog has been examining what the bloggersphere has been saying about the Branson announcement last week. He reports:

The web has been buzzing this weekend with discussion of Sir Richard Branson’s decision to devote $3bn to alternative energy, announced at the Clinton Global Initiative. Chris Hughes explained in Saturday’s FT how this “amounts to a massive ‘asset allocation’ switch out of transport and into green energy” and he went on to ask if this was wise. But the bloggers (see below) have been providing their own answers.
There are a number of important outtakes from the article.

The first id that a journalist has not only looked but commeneted in depth and critically at what the bloggersphere is saying.

Secondly that the buzz created by the announcent has been of a dimention to make it newsworthy.

Third, is the acknowledgement that bloggers are making a serious contribution.

I also noted that the FT is using its blogs for informed comment. In many ways bringing the style of the Economist to FT blogs.