Thursday, September 28, 2006

Retail narrowcast TV is a hit

There is a phenomena in UK stores that offers a channel for PR communication that is becoming really popular.

Narrowcast television has a proven record.

In this report, there are data to help understand what can be achieved in terms of exposure showing 85 per cent of visitors to stores equipped with Tesco TV see a screen during their visit, and that on average they see eight screens in total. The average recorded viewing time per exposure to a screen was three seconds. The group calculates viewing figures on the basis that stores have an average of fifty screens, of which 20 will be passed by any given shopper per visit.

JC Decaux group marketing director David McEvoy says. "These results prove beyond doubt that not only do consumers see the screens, but they also have a high frequency of exposure. The research provides us with real audience measurement for the very first time."

The alternatives such as the internet and electronic point of sale displays helps to remove uncertainty from communications in an era of fragmented media, according to a report into the consumer psychology aspects of digital media.

Digital Signage Networks: Theory, Psychology and Strategy has been produced by the Centre for Experimental Consumer Psychology, and by content creation group Pixel Inspiration.

In addition there is the Samsung Screen Survey (see article in Clickpress) now in its fifth edition, which offers detailed analysis of the state of the market.

The application of the communication channel to engage the consumer using relationship building content (PR) in place of just screen exposure, offers new opportunities.

This should be a PR channel and practitioners may like to explore this emerging capability.