Friday, September 15, 2006

Playing Public Relations games

Ryan Gilbey uses this phrase in his article 'A Right Royal failure' in the New Statesman.

In their refusal to play the public relations game, the Windsors create an opportunity for Blair to nip in quick and claim the glory.

Of course it is nothing of the sort.

Public Relations 'games' are practice session in Business Schools. In real life public relations is there to create effective relationships between organisations and their constituency.

One might ask in analysis of the film based on the death of Diana 'The Queen' (15) which of the players has, in the long run, the best public relations The Royal family or Mr Tony Blair.

You see Mr Gilbey, public relations goes to the heart of the organisation and the fluffy bit, the bit that journalists see; the bit that marketing people so often use is mostly of peripheral consequence.

Like most journalists, Mr Gilbey, you have been succored into believing the spin of your colleagues, fluffy bunnies, marketing people and Tony Blair.