Friday, September 29, 2006

A peek into the future - thanks Taiwan

In Marketing Week, released online at Mad, we can see into the future with a glimpse at Taiwan which is Yahoo!'s canary in the coalmine.

While Microsoft and Google are technology companies at heart, Yahoo! is a media company. Last year, global chief operating officer Dan Rosensweig told the company's local managers in Taipei that they should strive to become the number one media company on the island, overtaking newspaper groups and broadcasters.

It is Yahoo!'s third biggest market in the world in terms of revenue, after the US and the UK. It also serves a very young and tech-savvy market, and provides an insight into what consumers in London and San Francisco might be doing in the future.

Yahoo as a media company is an interesting idea. Certainly Yahoo News is very underrated in the UK and needs more attention from PR practitioners.

I find Taiwan interesting and fun and insightful as is the article.