Friday, September 29, 2006

O Table - a communication platform?

Welcome to the latest eye boggling invention in audiovisual (AV) technology. It is a 50in table, with an LCD screen, which looks a bit like an upturned TV.

VNUNet has some other ideas too.

Users can download images from a mobile phone onto the computer below. They can be networked with all the other ‘terminals’ in the seminar area, shared with everyone else on the network or projected onto large screens.

Handy AV has recently installed a 100in screen, illuminated by a 6,500 lumin projector, in London’s Park Lane. It has recently been working on a similarly scaled project at Brompton Road, opposite Harrods.

These platforms for communication can be used for advertising but that would be a terrible waste.

Much better to used them to engage in relationship building, making them relevant and appealing in conversations.

Can I use my phone to send a Happy Christmas message to all my friends using the Screen outside Harrods, video it and send it to everyone all from my cell phone - technically yes.

I bet the screens will be used to show Santa Clause holding up aftershave - yuk!

Can I take my client into Second Life gazing into the conference room table - yup! Hooray!!!!