Friday, September 15, 2006

Never before have so many Marketing People been so confused

Never have there been so many media options available to advertisers and consumers, a trend that has both excited and frustrated brand marketers as media buying decisions have become more complicated by a market veering toward new media. But traditional media companies have responded by investing in multiple media platforms to reach this increasingly fragmented audience." said James Rutherfurd, executive vice president and managing director at VSS in an e-commerce article.

Now that old media has cottoned on the the idea that on-line is not about washing clothes and Google and others have presented statistics stuff to make decision making based on facts hard to avoid.

Add to this the growth of social media and the poor old marketing mind is in a whirl.

In PR we do have to recognise the growing range of communications platfoms and the range of channels available to us and the we have to plan.