Sunday, September 24, 2006

Most PR consultants are small busineses in a global world

Most PR consultancies are small businesses.

Is the Business Week description familiar:

Small businesspeople today have to deal with the same issues big businesses do—global markets, complex supply chains, and fluctuating currencies—and they have to do it without an army of MBAs to support them. Gone are the days when the business owner could walk out back to talk to his local production crew before knocking off early to sneak in a round of golf or go fishing. Many small businesspeople today are the business equivalent of fighter pilots—hurtling around the globe at breakneck speed as larger competitors leave them little room for error.

If a PR consultant is not involved in considering global issues there is a pretty good chance that they have been locked out of opportunities, are paying too much for services and have not got adequate tools for the job.

For example. Their name could be used in another country, they will not be visible to people looking for their services from out of town and there is a load of great software and tools available from other countries. Of course, they are not able to advise their clients, have no handle on the international effect of their media campaigns and cannot use social media much because of its international nature.

Toni Muzi Falconi points out We all now work on an international stage.