Friday, September 15, 2006

Mobile - and NewsCorp - and bigness

I have no difficulty with agreeing with News Corp. President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Chernin

“I’m dead serious when I say that mobile could be one of the greatest entertainment platforms we’ve created.”

We have known for quite some time that the "mobile world" was going to be hot. In Asia, it has been for a long time and people maintain a very personal attachment to their phones.

Using a mobile phone, consumers can now pay bills, check a bank account, download books, games, and news content, surf the Web, podcast, share photos, download ring tones and music, and more.

So far none of these wonderful applications has taken hold.

Partly this is because of the silly pricing models associated with mobile. calls cost (almost) nothing and are chared, phones cost mony and are given away. It nuts.

The bundling of services is far too complex.

The application that allows someone into your head and imagination is a different to video and text but each of these is treated in the same way.

But - Mobile is big. We need the imagination to tap its potential.