Sunday, September 17, 2006

Make your own vidcast

If you ask most Marketing Directors about using Video on line, they get a vision of a cameraman, clapper boards, lighting, scripts, music. The whole nine yards. BDM's (Big Desk Marketers) miss the communication opportunity.

In the meantime Sixty Second View shows, for a lot of communication, you need not much more than a cellphone. Its is the kind of content you can use on a blog or wiki or as content to liven up your intranet.

Good strong points can be made, with a real voice and it is powerful stuff. The use of YouTube has shown how such content can be hosted and there are more options in Dion Hinchcliffe's site.

Of which Eyespot caught my eye. It includes a web based editing suite.

I will try it but it does look very cool and offers an easy option for providing vidcasting.