Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Local Governement adopts Mobile

The latest findings fromndl-metascybe's annual UK Council e-government survey, examining the different stages of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) implementation within local authorities across the UK are published today.

Benefits of the programme, the hurdles currently being faced and the specifics of chosen technologies formed the basis of the survey, which revealed some significant changes in findings from previous years. These included a new emphasis on the integration of emerging and mobile technologies, considered as part of the strategy for the delivery of improved citizen service.

Iain Pickering, Product Director, ndl-metascybe said, “The use of mobile devices plays a significant role in many council road maps, with over 68% planning to implement solutions utilising smart 'phones, PDAs, tablets or a combination. Urban councils in particular seem to be incorporating these technologies as part of their improved citizen service delivery.”

This would suggest that Wifi and Wimax applications for towns and cities may offer considerable economic advantages for municipal authorities.