Sunday, September 17, 2006

Levels of Geek speak for PR's

It is said that it does not take long to learn the basics of computer programming languages. Its not something I have done.

My approach to programming language is the same as my approach to other languages. When in Rome I speak English with a smattering of Italian words picked up on the way. Its fun and it puts me in the mood and, fortunately, Italians have a great sense of humour.

Most computers also have a sense of humour about the misuse of programming language . Sometimes its difficult to see the smile lines round the eyes when your frustration at you own incompetence boils over.

I would recommend that PR student did an appreciation course, just to get over the hang up between arts and sciences and find the smile lines of a geeks best friend.

What to learn? Try this list.

Oh yes, to find out what it is you will need a phrase book.