Monday, September 11, 2006

A lesson learned

Government minister David Miliband has vowed to continue experimenting with online engagement after his department's first move into wiki-policy ended in disarray, reports c|net.

Miliband commented on his blog: "Since writing this I gather that we have demonstrated the extreme openness of the wiki by playing host to some practical jokes... Strange how some people get their kicks. But the experiment will continue."

This was a brave idea and is an excellent case study. Using Social Media is not just a question of starting a blog or setting up a wiki. It is a serious undertaking offering great benefits but with its own management needs.

Just like starting a press relations campaign, a wiki or blog needs a strategy behind it.

It was not for nothing that I have campaigned for the PR profession to develop a strategy capability and gave an example of how strategy might be developed.

No we can learn the lessons from David Miliband's brave attempt and move on.

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