Thursday, September 07, 2006

A leech in the media swamp

e-Consultancy reports research group comScore says 37.4 million US users visited the top consumer-to-consumer ad sites in July, a rise of 47% over the same month in 2005. was the most popular, doubling its unique visitors to almost 14 million during the month. Trader Publishing, the leader in July 2005, ranked second with 10.2 million visitors (up 15%), while AutoTrader ranked third with 6.4 million visitors (up 14%).

While online classifieds are not new, it appears that internet users are really beginning to catch on to this phenomenon,” said Andrew Lipsman, senior analyst at comScore.

>What this menas in English is that small adds are moving from your local newspaper to your local PC.

Where does your local newspaper make most of its money?

Craigslist is just the job for students looking for a flat in Leeds right now.

This development has major implications for the PR.

How long will the media be able to afford to continue in its 20th Century format?