Friday, September 15, 2006

Issues blogging

A WILMSLOW dad has set up a boozers’ blog. Says the Wimslow Express.

The website for fellow drinkers to exchange views about local pubs and bars is a reaction to the police pubwatch scheme - which he claims is one sided.

Harry Bingley, of Church Street, set up the discussion site ‘’ for people to chat about their experiences of Wilmslow’s pubs and clubs on the web.

The 50-year-old former marketing consultant says it is a reaction to the changing nature of the town’s pubs and clubs.

He hopes his website will redress the power balance of schemes like pubwatch and encourage publicans to think more about the views of the paying punter.

He said: "I recently saw a joke cartoon in the newspaper where a man was banned from a pub for smiling after happy hour - that just about sums it up for me."

This is the kind of site that is worth watching. It is the sort of blog that could become popular and so, for some organisations being involved in conversations relevant to this blogger may be interesting and advantageous.