Friday, September 22, 2006

How search disintermediates sales

From Phil Gomes

It just made me smile

This is one of my favorite tricks...

When SEO reps call me, I keep them on the phone long enough for me to
do a Google search on "search engine optimization."

Invariably, the company's name doesn't come up in the first 25 pages. I
tell the rep this.

"Well," the guy stammers. "It's a crowded space out there."

"Crowded?" I ask. "You want to talk about 'crowded.' One of our clients
sells BEANS!!!"

That usually gets the guy off the phone.
The thing here is that the person on the receiving end of the call can look up the company and check it out. The product performance can be evaluated during the sales presentation.

The salesman can create the link but the web site confines the sales script.

This also means that media comment, blog comment and a range of other reports about the company and product are part of the communication process initiated by the salesperson.

Sales and Public Relations are part of the same communication continuum.