Friday, September 29, 2006

The Grocer is on his way is coming up with new uses for the handheld devices that help its drivers to deliver home shopping orders without getting lost.

The retailer rolled out the devices - combining the delivery scheduling system and a satellite navigation package - to 50 drivers operating from its South London dot-com store in March this year. The store delivers to a big chunk of South London so the drivers are often in areas they aren't familiar with.

The company is also reviewing other areas where the devices could be useful - for example whether the devices can be used to give customers better information on when their groceries will arrive such as alerting them via text message when the van has left the store.

This is communication and therefore part of PR thinking.

Imagine the opportunities for interactive relationships with customers when they know that the driver will arrive and can combine human and technology communication.

There will also be a need for PR issues and crisis management round such technologies.