Friday, September 08, 2006

Good think for PR people and how to 'get it'

The 'Change this' site is a mine of good white papers about social media and why it is so important.

Chris Anderson's paper (an extract from his book) 'The Rise and Fall of the Hit' should be smuggled into the CEO's overnight reading tonight.

While it highlights the downside for the recording empires it shows that the markets are still there.

The upside is that all those products and services that are not big sellers can be put on the digital shelf (web site) at a marginal cost and the development cost is no longer a write off but an opportunity sale, promoted in a passing post in the company blog, it can become an added revenue stream with good effects on cash flow and the balance sheet.

The same thinking applies to those press stories that did not quite make it.

They can be re-purposed and made available (in the media wiki for example) and are available for minority publishers (bloggers?) which gets value from them.