Friday, September 22, 2006

Getting traffic from

From Sally Fallcow at New Media Release Discussion list:

the There was a great thread in the Search Engine Watch forums yesterday
about getting traffic from social media sites like

1. Write Good, Relevent, Useful Content.
I know its an obvious one, but it's the one to remember. People will
only bookmark what they find interesting. Watch what's popular on for a couple of days to get an idea.

2. Get Popular On Another Site, Leap Frog to
If you can make it to sites like, BoingBoing, Kottke, - anything influential - chances are the cascading
effect of the web, will have your site be popular on too.

3. Use Like a Directory
Find the best articles tutorials and bookmark them on with
the appropriate tags. People searching for similar content, matching
your tags, may find your site and (if they like it) bookmark it,
building your "capital" so to speak.

4. Make sure all your content has an "Add to" link (along
with email to a friend etc) and as your content is found, it'll be
picked up by visitors and maybe even added to

There are a few initiatives in progress to assist PR folk to take
advantage of these ideas. PRESSfeed, the content syndication service
that was built specifically for SEO-PR purposes, is one of them. All
enterprise level clients get social media bookmarking links, Technorati
tags and "easy subscribe" buttons for all the better known RSS
readers on their articles, news updates or press releases.

You can see it on the PRESSfeed site at Put your cursor on
the RSS icon to see the drop down menu for subscribe buttons At the
end of this article on the future of search and content syndication
you'll see the tags and the list of social bookmarking links.