Monday, September 25, 2006

Geekier than thou

Via Andrew Lark I have come across another list of Social Media tools that may be useful or which might spark off a creative on-line PR idea. From Read/Write Web comes a list that is just full of new ideas.

Here is a small sample:
Data Security Systems Internet authentication and security DSSS, as a leader in the Authentication Security space, consistently strives to be in the frontier of the technology. Our state-of-art technology serves to provide enterprises and organisations from different arena protection against compromising of security

Social marketing Eluma is the only brandable desktop application that drives customer loyalty and incremental revenue through the power of communities. Eluma enables marketers to create an always-on connection to their users, and to leverage the best aspects of social networking in order to provide users with the ability to collaborate with their most trusted source of information - their peers.

Online sharing We created eSnips while thinking about how YOU would want to share your stuff. We believe that just like us, you have lots of things to share online. And just like us, you probably want to do it all in ONE place, to have the freedom to share ANY type of information, and to have control over what you share and how you share it.

Video editing and sharing We set out to build a site which makes it easy to upload, organize and share all that video, photos, and music. Interact with the community, collaborate, and get some great content to work with too.

Email on any cell phone Introducing flurry - free mobile email for everyone. With revolutionary ease of use, you can access your email from your mobile phone anywhere and anytime.