Thursday, September 28, 2006

Foxed - and groveling

FoxNews has admitted that it used 'poor judgement' when it demanded that YouTube remove its interview with Bill Clinton.

The interview, originally broadcast on the FoxNews channel, showed former President Clinton becoming antagonised by what he perceived as a biased line of questioning from FoxNews journalist Chris Wallace.

FoxNews drew heavy criticism after raising its hackles requiring that it get back its belongings in its manger with all the other dusty toys under its bushy tail. tells the story.

I wonder if Rupert Murdoch really understands that if he hides content such as news. He shuts down the opportunity for it to be sought, seen and useable online when it is fish and chip wrapping or etherware in traditional outlets.

Same goes for press clippings. They are useless to anyone except the PR exec pasting them up and the client. But as brand messenger, they are ace. Enter the NLA the biggest blunderbuss Murdoch has aimes at his feet for years.

But we know that Fox and the Times have some way to go before they understand social media (MySpace) and the long tail (Time archive).