Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fools only fool the foolish

I like this article by Nicola Natina. Is shows how a a corporation tries to fool people about its social policies using tricks and obfuscation.

The company is Disney and it is found out.

Its reputation has been further damaged.

From her post one will assume the company is a tricky customer. It is a sham. Would you trust your child to a person who was as devious as this. If you read Nicola's post what is your new relationship with Disney corp?

Does the reality match the rhetoric:
The Walt Disney Company has remained faithful in its commitment to producing unparalleled entertainment experiences based on its rich legacy of quality creative content and exceptional storytelling.
A cynic might say: Yup - its all exceptional storytelling.

What I am saying is that transparency is a way of life. Its use is part of the strategic DNA of the organisation and if it runs contrary to the aims and mission of the organisation, it has immense power to destroy.

This is about reputation of course but much more powerful and much more damaging is the effect on relationships.