Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Email is chaotic

Over a third (38%) of large organisations across the UK admit their email management system is in ‘complete chaos’, according to the findings of a survey released by AIIM, reports Retail Bulletin.

I have pulled out the key points. But waht this report says to me is that it is about time the Public Relations department got control of email and managed it properly and as a communications medium.

  • The survey also found that the same number of end users admitted that their company either had no policy or they didn’t know their company’s policy when it came to email archiving.

  • A third of UK organisations do not have any clear plans and procedures for dealing with compliance issues, especially concerning historical records, which poses a number of compliance related risks.

  • Only 16% understand that the broader concept relates to information within enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems.

  • Half of the users surveyed admitted that employees do not fully understand how to access current versions of policies and procedures or other critical corporate information.

  • Over two thirds (70%) of organisations admit that content created by employees who have then left, is not actively reviewed or archived appropriately.