Thursday, September 21, 2006

Disintermediated PR

Erick Schonfeld has an excellent post about disruptive businesses.

It is my belief that there are a number of models that will disintermediate the practice of public relations. For example, I can easily see services that will sort out relevant from irrelevant media pitches presented to journalists and bloggers. In an era when it is getting quite simple to source relevant news by getting it to come to you when you need it and in a form that you want, it is relatively easy to ignore the pitches and phone calls.

This means that PR has to learn to use these techniques, understand RSS, tagging and interoperability that makes software do most of the work for you.

The key here is to realise that many businesses online have a capability to undermine established business models. I have mentioned some of these from Erick before:

1. Netvibes (The new personalized startpage)

2. EEStor (Gentlemen, stop your engines)

3. Coghead (DIY software)

4. NextMedium (Web marketplace for product placement)

5. Applied Location (Skymeter—fighting traffic with GPS)

6. (The Oracle-killing, Web database)

7. BlueLithium (Google's new ad-versery)

8. Clearwire (Craig McCaw's WiMax play)

9. Zopa (Peer-to-peer banking)

10. Jajah (VoIP 2.0)

11. NanoLife Sciences (Cancer-blasting antiprotons)