Saturday, September 16, 2006

Discredited by association with astroturfing

Be careful who you work with.

Netribution made this comment about Google:

BoingBoing is reporting that Google have appointed controversial Washington-based lobying and 'astroturfing' firm DCI to represent them in the US. DCI, run by Republican Party officials, came into public controversy earlier in the year when the Washington Post revealed it had pretended to be a 29 year old basement filmmaker to post a YouTube video attacking Al Gore and his film An Inconvenient Truth, released this week in the UK.

Pointing to This comment from Boing Boing:

Google's new lobbyists: lying, astroturfing, push-polling scumbags
Google's new DC lobbyists have a reputation for slime, astroturfing and push-polling.

The result of hiring a company associated with Astroturfing and other practices that are unpopular with social media commentators is probably not helpful to Google's reputation.

As Google becomes more pervasive in people's lives, its relationship with governments will become more important and any interface will be scrutinised in a very different light because of these comments.

There will be commentators who will look at this appointment in the light of the Google philosophy of 'do no evil'. For many Astroturfing is not good if not evil