Monday, September 11, 2006

Conversation more powerful than a press release

Dan Greenfield commented today: "No longer is a PR person’s reporter Rolodex the gateway to successful corporate communications. Instead, that Rolodex is as big as every customer, vendor, partner and competitor who interacts with your company."

What Dan discovered is that converastion is more powerful than the press release.

I am delighted. It is evidence of values driving public relations. His public is now defined by a convergence of values. The values of his constituency and his and his organisation's values.

In combination this is more powerful.

It is levering value from relationships instead of shouting at market segments.

I hope that thi is a virus that is attacking every PR department in the world and it seems that it is.

Now lets see if we can understand this better. It will inform PR practice and is applicable at the coal face too.