Friday, September 08, 2006

Comming to an employer near you too

Take note all you PR students. You will need your e-credentials to get a job in PR any day now.

Here is the experience of a US graduate this year (the UK is about 18 months behind).

During my recent job search, I came across many employers who are interested in public relations students, but the students must possess technological skills that were not necessary in the past. Students must be familair with building Web sites, contacting the media and knowing how to operate every computer application currently being used and proofreading everything from a one-page flyer to html text. The field is growing so rapidly that the requirements are blurry and students are becoming frustrated with the lack of opportunities with those who miss specific qualities.

Channels such as podcasts, white papers, blogs, webinars and RSS feeds are popping up everywhere and without question, if you are not "in the know" about these outlets, you will be left behind.

Perhaps there is the other side of the coin too. Would you want to work for an employer who did not want these skills?