Thursday, September 07, 2006

Clips go Mobile - PRNewswire

This week, PRNewswire is canvassing opinion as to whether practitioners would like their clips on their mobile phones.

This is a text only service. Some of these texts could be quite long.

As most readers know, I have summarisation software that can reduce a press clip to 50 words. A trial can be downloaded from c|net here.

In addition, with a bunch of friends, we have worked out how we can deliver press clip summaries text in spoken words (text to voice).

This means we could deliver clips (aggregate and de-duped RSS feeds or hyperlink to article):

Most relevant first
Any or selected times/intervals of the day
In summary linking to full text
Text email, web, SMS (RSS udate as well)
Voice to mobile phone, iPod, PC.
XML for internal interoperability (you can use the output in other software really easily and integration is dead cheap)
All sorts of metrics because the computer 'reads' every article.

So far no one has said they want it (well ... some want it free, of course).