Thursday, September 21, 2006

CIPR course has IBM speaker

CIPR has a conference which is going to cover stuff like writing a press release and how to shout at Journalists a and then at 13:55 - New media – how the web has changed PR -

Ian McNairn, Program Director Web Technology & Innovation, IBM who is also a keen photographer but does not have a blog). The important thing here is that IBM has a lot of both internal and external blogs.

This session will discuss the changes in PR using tools such as Podcasts, VideoCasts, Blogs, Wikis and RSS. You will also discover the impact that social computing has had on the reputation, visibility and reach of content. Topics include:

  • Looking outside the traditional media scope
  • The use of new media in a PR practitioners day
  • How to best use 'new media' to your advantage
  • 14:35 - Case study into the power of sound as a PR tool

    Jude Habib, Media Consultant and ex BBC person who is an advocate of the use of sound.

    This case study will open your mind to new media techniques such as podcasting which allows you to control your content and message. Hear how using audio sound as a communication tool has benefited many campaigns from the BBC to Unicef. Is the use of sound in an imaginative way the future for media?

  • An interactive session using powerpoint embedded with audio
  • The importance of audio in making social programming sexy, the power of celebrity and the importance of good content
  • Explore the applications of audio (audio press releases, audio direct mail etc)

  • Conference venue:

    Chartered Institute of Public Relations
    CIPR Public Relations Centre
    32 St James’s Square
    London SW1Y 4JR
    Tel +44 (0)20 7766 3333

    Conference fees

    • CIPR Members - £300 + VAT (£352.50 inc VAT)
    • Non - CIPR members - £400 + VAT (£470.00 inc VAT)
    Chunky London prices for just two session about PR today and several about the dieing art of cutting down and re-purposing trees. This is, afterall, the CIPR.