Thursday, September 28, 2006

Can On-line PR keep up with the growth in Social Media

In a research note quoted by Reuters, RBC Capital analyst Jordan Rohan said he had come out of a meeting with Fox Interactive enthused about the site’s experienced management, "massive" global appeal and potential to become "an intellectual property distribution powerhouse".

While admitting his claim sounds “audacious”, he thinks "media investors may not fully appreciate what has already been done with MySpace or what may lie ahead."

He added: "$15bnan> in a few years? It is possible.” Remember that Fox only paid $580 m for MySpace.

>Now, lets put this alongside the Social Media activities and projections of, say WPP, Edelman or (OK they are the 'eyes and ears of the industry) CIPR. Is the PR industry, the natural profession to engage in conversation and relationship building, going to share in this value. Will PR be bigger than the scream marketing types that want to raid the MySpace users mind?


Well, we jolly well should be thinking in these terms.