Thursday, September 21, 2006

Campiagn for your job or be prepared to move off-shore

A lot of UK Public Relations activity will have to move off-shore if a new EU directive is passed.

The AVMS directive, due to be implemented next year, would expand current EU broadcasting regulations to all audio-visual services, including content delivered to internet and mobile phone users.

Currently being debated by the European Council and Parliament, it would aim to ensure the protection of minors and prevent other abuses. Ofcom's view is that this is a bad thing. I agree.

However, concerns have been aired that the move would extend regulations to user-generated content such as video blogs. Britain has campaigned against the move, saying new media services should not be included (More here and more here).

To make your voice heard you need to email your MEP and email the Secretary General of the CIPR. It is the eyes and ears of the UK Public Relations Industry and, hopefully its voice.