Thursday, September 28, 2006

Call Centres wreck relationships

A YouGov survey reveals just how bad the call centre experience really is. Commissioned by Callmedia and published in Net4Now, the UK’s leading developer of contact centre software reveals that only four per cent of people in the UK have had a favourable experience when dealing with a customer call centre, with 44 per cent complaining that their biggest gripe is contacting a call centre based overseas.

Commenting on this survey, Rufus Grig, managing director, Callmedia said:
“This research clearly indicates what customers do and don’t like.
Companies need to make quality customer service a priority and take steps to provide good, consistent and timely service in a bid to increase loyalty and reduce churn. The surprising find from this research is quite the strength of feeling felt by UK consumers against the outsourcing of contact centres overseas.”

The survey has revealed a number of other interesting facts:

* When a consumer wants to complain about a product or a service, 42 per cent of respondents prefer to use the phone to ensure that their point is heard

* However, 78 per cent of respondents prefer to buy products online rather than by telephone, email or post

* Respondents’ second biggest gripe is being passed from department to department until someone who can answer the specific query is found