Wednesday, September 13, 2006

BT is getting into content and out of satellites

The Guardian says BT is launching an online "social media network" that will combine elements of the video site YouTube with clips and shows from the entertainment and music industry.

The site, called BT PodShow, is being launched as a partnership with the 18-month-old US-based PodShow.

BT is looking for content if you have some and the is a green eye element cast in the direction of MySpace.

The website is being positioned as a hybrid between the likes of MySpace and YouTube and fulfilling the online aims of traditional companies such as MTV and ITV.

Meanwhile, the BBC says that three-quarters of staff at the largest satellite communications station in the world could lose their jobs after BT said it planned to scale down the site.

Ninety of the 120 workers at Goonhilly, in Cornwall, could lose their jobs or be redeployed, as satellite operations are moved to Madley, in Herefordshire.

I just wish it would provide me with a high speed connection without the packaging, fluff and hard disc junk.

One thing we can be sure, if BT can charge more for the Madley 'pipe' they will just as soon as the wreckers leave Goonhilly.