Monday, September 18, 2006

Brand Monitoring

Mike Manuel has picked up a Forester Research report about Brand Monitoring and identifying
Nielsen Buzzmetrics
on the way.

I am getting more and more uneasy about many metrics. My concern is that they can lead one down the route of market segmentation in a misleading way.

I now tend towards a view that, for many application, there is a need to identify with the content values offered by constituents within contextual frames which can be as granular as one because of their influence on the long tail asset.

For a lot of organisations their long tail asset may be greater than the annual marketing budget which would lead one to imagine how much more effective it might be for closer attention.

Levering up one blog post by a factor of three by just responding would seem to be a valuable investment.

There are not many brand monitoring capabilities that identify the long tail asset.