Monday, September 11, 2006

The Bog Standard Press Release died last week

The 'bog standard' press release is now dead.

What journalist given the choice between a New Media Release and releases currently in use would opt for the old one?

There is no choice. Press releases as we know it will continue for several years but will progressively become less effective, less used and less relevant as the media builds its new publishing model on a combination of on-line and print.

This week the NMR podcast introduced some applications of New Media Release.

The gene is out of the bottle.

Links to the top topics on NMR podcast covered can be followed here:

Here is a practical example of how a newspaper generates, re-purposed copy from a NMR. we have to be able to offer content like this as well as the 1000 word backgrounder or knowldege resourse generated via this technology and posed to for added depth.