Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Twelve communications channels for hundreds of programmes

The BBC has changed its news web site. It is making a lot of its multi channeled approach to communication. I count twelve channels for communication for the majority of its stations and programmes ranging from blogs to email.

Should every company offer this range of channels. The BBC, in addition to its web site, broadcast, cable and satellite radio and TV and its blogs is really reaching out. It could go further with even more channels .... watch this (My/Bebo?) space.

The BBC adventure shows just how many channels a professional communicator now has to master just to be considered competent. In addition, for those of us who want to provide material to multichannel information and entertainment distributors, like the BBC we have to serve it up to them so that they can re-purpose it for each channel.

We need microformats and XML to create capabilities do this which is why these initiatives are so important. They may seem arcane but are the bones of future communication and much as a photocopier was in the last century.

From the BBC site I take this away:
  • Headlines for your site

Headlines for your website

And don't forget Interactive TV............. Its a comming to a gamer near you soon.