Thursday, August 31, 2006

Our world is global - time to act global?

Constantin Basturea is one of the most aware 'New Media' practitioners in the world. This blog post is very significant. He says: The problem of edits by PR firms for client — or any “pay for edit” arrangements — is not going to disappear. This is not only about using Wikipedia to promote one’s clients - it’s also about accuracy and reputation. As Wikipedia’s readership, popularity, and position in search engines results will grow, companies will become more and more concerned about the accuracy of Wikipedia’s entries and on how their reputation is affected by it, and will not stay idle if the entries on their organization, leaders, or products are inaccurate.

Lets face it, some organisations have a pretty pathetic presence in Wikipedia compared to others that understand its value. For an example of how to really offer people information one might look at an example like this one.
It highlights how significant this medium is and so Constantin is right in making this point: The (PR) industry should start working now on the rules of engagement on Social Media Commons — social spaces like Wikipedia,, YouTube, digg, MySpace, and Second Life — that will allow organizations’ participation in a way that is transparent and respects the communities’ rules.
Indeed, it is about time that the Global Allience got stuck in. It has been heel tapping for a long time. The Wikipedia entry for PR is a complete mess. Its about recent American agentry and misses a wider Far Eastern, African and European practice that goes back centuries. The people involved at Global Allience who need to work out what is needed to develop Social Media policies are:
Sharing Information and resources: Colin Farrington (UK)
  • Website (expansion and changes): IPR/PRSA lead Marie York and Robyn Michaels with some members (CPRS) to help
  • Building bridges/research: Toni Muzi Falconi (Italy)
  • PR Landscape Juan Carlos Molleda (PRSA), chair; members to be added
If the web site is reasonably up to date, to ensure the entries refelect the global nature of PR one might expect some effort by: Marketing: Jean Valin (Canada)
  • Media relations and promotion: Chair Ann Mealor (UK) with existing committee
  • Print handout on Global Alliance: Vacant
  • Newsletter: Colin Farrington/Marie York (UK) & others to be approached
Go for it guys. If its global - you are the right people.