Thursday, August 24, 2006

Online retail sales £22bn - Online PR budgets ???

We recently heard of predictions that on-line food retailing was due to be 'the next big thing' in online retailing. Well from e-Consultancy I discover this snippet:

Research group comScore Networks said captured two thirds of all online grocery orders in the first seven months of this year, generating sales of approximately £2.5 million per day. Its closest competitor was Asda online, which took 16%, followed by with 14%.

Customers of Sainsbury's, however, spent the most per order, averaging almost £90 compared to £80 for both Tesco and Asda. Asda and Sainsbury's online shoppers also bought more items per order, with both averaging 69 units per order compared to Tesco's 58.
Meantime, research from Datamonitor, reported in This is Money, found that retail spending is likely to reach £21.6bn by 2010, with £18.5bn of that being cannabalised from the High Street.

However, the predicted overall online spend, including services, will be nearly double that, hitting £39bn by the end of the decade.

If we add to this the ammount of non-retail and B2B buiness now on-line and it suggests that the PR industry has to race into the media that supports these economic drivers which is why I am in Bristol today.

Picture: Because I am in Britol today meeting West Country New Media Chartered Institute of Public Relations enthusiasts, the picture is about a concept store on behalf of Tesco in Taunton.