Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Now we know why the media moguls are so keen

The BBC reports that 73% of households connected to the Internet are using Broadband.
14.3 million homes in the UK - almost 60% - are now online. I recon that means that 30 million people have access to broadband at home.

For Rupert Murdoch and Martin Sorrell it shows their faith in the the Internet is not misplaced and for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations' members, this is now their biggest challenge.

On average, we can anticipate that nearly half of the population is spending 23 hours online each week of which under three hours are spend on banking and buying stuff.

Our challenge is to be able to capture the interest of these people for the other seven hours they are online each day as they multi-task watching TV, listening to iPods and texting their friends.

One can picture the family waiting to get to the PC.

Obviously the family of Louis XIV did not have such domestic pressures. Cute domestic bliss though!

The Family of Louis XIV