Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mobile PR

Lets make no mistake about this, if you are planning a PR campaign think about Mobile.

If this extract from the BBC Newsnight programme does not tell you something about the opportunities join the Foreign Legion.

Paul Mason (pictured) in his blog about the making of the programme was pretty excited.

If you are planning ahead five years think how half a million mobile telephone chips will have affected communication:

1) High spec mobiles with Wifi (being shipped now).
2) A lot of basic phones will ship with a technology called Near Field Communications: its basically an Oyster card and a card reader on your handset (being shipped now).
3) In Tokyo (as well as Norwich - almost) they are already rolling out WiMax : a powerful public version of Wifi. In theory that means you can use your mobile handset to go on the Internet, make an Internet phone call, and bypass your mobile network.
4) Ever more devices being slotted in under the cover - a GPS satnav, Wimax, even a tv receiver. Its just a question of a few more rounds of silicon development.

The future is different. Its open says Paul Senior of Airspan.

Orange the mobile network company is happy about 'broadband everywhere - We will use what is optimal' - a revolutionary thought and not the half baked, half powered, deferential system available in Norwich.