Friday, August 18, 2006

News finds people

The US trend showing that news finds people when they are on-line (email, social media, web etc.) and a growing disinterest in daily and weekly newspapers as a source of news is not much of a surprise. In France, this is probably even more true because blogging has higher penetration. Even Rupert Murdoch is spelling out the direction of the media is heading.

We really need to get a handle on the drivers behind relationships which McKinsey now recognise as one of the key long term wealth drivers.

What we need is more research into the nature of public relations as the means by which organisations are engaged with their constituents.

I am amazed that the biggest PR firms and departments are not research sponsors in the UK.

The biggest PR school in Europe does not have the Kevin Murrey Bell Pottinger Research Trust or the Chadlington Centre for Political Communication.

Now, if this news reaches Kevin or Peter, it will do no more than prove a point that there is a need for more research. Because if they ever find out about this post, it will demonstraight that many PR practices have changed.

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